Quick-deploy unit is great for forestry work and high-traffic areas

Outdoor Field Surveillance Unit

  • Weather-resistant Pelican® case protects the mobile DVR
  • 25' cable with metal locking connector
  • Day/night 700-resolution camera
  • 8GB SD card for easy offload
  • Color monitor for simple set-up

This intuitive and easy-to-use field recording system can be learned in minutes. The "BADGER" captures continuous video for 6.5 days, making it great for forestry work and high-traffic areas. Waterproof locking connectors lead to a 25 ft cable that connects to a high resolution, day/night, IR sensitive bullet camera.

This unit doesn't hibernate; you get 6.5 days of continuous video. See everything that happens in a 1-week period.

The Badger can be adapted for other cameras and IR units, but overall battery run time may vary. Comes with 1-year warranty and a 90-day law enforcement money-back guarantee.

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